The Hat Production Started in the Kitchen...

About the Founder...

In her own words, "a trip filled with joy and excitement!" It is our joy to say that our little cottage industry is celebrating our twentieth year in business.

It happened when we moved to Memphis, TN from Sweden. Thrilled about our new life, I got the idea to finally realize my long dream to switch gear and let my hobby become my work.

In third grade we were taught to knit our gloves, so knitting was my thing. Out of a natural looking strawberry design the seed was planted to grow the rest of my garden inspired designs: apple, cherry, orange, kiwi, eggplant and so on to the number one best seller - the sweet pea.

Our kitchen in Memphis became the heart of my business. Soon we became popular enough to look for knitters outside of Tennessee. Today, we have more than 2000 styles and about 10 full-time knitters, 'leaf backers', 'pea painters', and 'button sewers' in my ever growing cottage industry.

We are proud to be involved in Livslust, which translates to "Joy of Life", www.livslust.com. We take pleasure in helping this wonderful program in Latvia, a humanitarian project to help young people get a better start in life.

A big grateful thank you to everyone over the years who have helped make this venture possible and thank you to my knitters all over the country and abroad -  Eva Edholm, Chris Layrock, Sally Hawkins, Cheryl Jiles, Karen Schwenker, Jean Stanwick, Ann Stewart, Beth Pfeifer, Deedra Ivie, Vivian McBride, Jonna Flicker,  Liga Landisa, Anta Birkenstierna, and Irena Petunova. Without your excellent artistic expertise Margareta Horn Design would be nothing today!